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Originally Posted by zipperfoot View Post
Didnt mean to come off grumpy. I was trying to strongly emphisize that many rumors are just that, and have little basis in truth. Thats how a product gets a bad rap. Most of the questions people ask me about the buggy are related to something they heard, not something they experienced, So needless to say, i have spent a fair amount of time defending the buggy, and have become a little defensive. Sorry about that.

I have run the buggy mod and stock. In all honesty, the weak points for me have been the ball cups, rear inner ball stud being attached to the tranny, and the steering rack plate. Fix/upgrade those parts and you should have a pretty durable buggy.
Also, when building the shocks, apply some green slime to the orings. The shocks can leak a little from the bottom but this seemed to do the trick for me.
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