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Originally Posted by Navi View Post
.... I found a problem and need expert advice:
The downstop collars P06 comes lose even though I repeatedly apply CA glue on it.
When it becomes losen setting downstop will be impossible....

How to solve this ?

Should this collor be in any other shapes but circular? For example, make it a square block then when you turn the hex screw the collor will not go together with the screw....Update parts may be?
Thank you for idea! We will make square blocks and holes for the next batch.

Now please use very thin fresh CA glue.
Make small chamfers in the holes on the chassis then press P06 into the hole first and drip a drop of glue in the gap (chamfer) between P06 and the wall of hole.
It is easy to drip glue when the bottom of chassis is upwards. The glue should fill all space between P06 and the wall of hole.
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