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Talking Agree to disagree

Originally posted by Bodido
If you have a nitro class and a 150' or longer straight, then those road ramps are quite hazordous. Do you think our hobby (or hobby shop owners) needs spectators getting injured?

I suppose they are decent in slow infield sections, but that is about it.

At the parking lot races I run, we use interlocked 2x4's (no edges to snag), but have foam discs at apexes. It works fairly well. Sometimes people break, of course. But, we don't have the innocent victim head-on collisions and we don't have cars flying off the track, either.
We have never had any spectators injured or anything. I agree we have had to duct tape spots down where they move around a bit and we have virtually eliminated the head ons like I said by putting PVC pipe on top of the rails at the critical spots like straightaways and adjacent lines that are at speed. Your right, they are a bit expensive at around $12.50 per rail but once you have them you don't need to replace much if ever. 2x4 track pieces are bulky to store and the rails stack in our 6x12 trailer very nicely.

In most cases of what you have stated as being bad, we have countered to make the rails better. I guess I will just agree to disagree on the fact that they completely suck. I believe they don't and you believe they do. I am not rying to sell them to you I am just giving examlpes of how they have benefitted us at our track where most people do not have any issues with them.
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