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Talking Road Rails work for most

I have no idea of what kind of driver you are and it was a general comment for all of us, including me. I have taken a tumble because of the Road Rails by my own doing and no one elses. I was responding to the fact that you say the rails suck and they just don't. They make putting up the track and maintaining it during the day very easy. The road rails are to mark the course for all of us to drive in between not to be used as a bumper or wall to keep us in our lane except for in some critical spots where there is a high speed lane adjacent like a straightaway. I have used the PVC pipe, 2x4's and 4x4's and the Road Rail Racing System has been the best overall. I have had many comments about how car friendly they are and yes, there have been a few instances where they have not. I took exception to the statement that they suck when that is not entirely true. Like any track system it has its goods and its bads, in the case at our track, definitely more goods. I agree, it is better to have someone who is out of control break on the barrier than another car. Do you all have a Sportsman (Beginner/Novice) Class where you race?? That is one way we try to help avoid those instances and the guys in the regular divisions help the Sportsman guys out with set-ups and any general needs they have. The goal for the Sportsman Division is to help those guys in rising to the level they want to compete. Some just prefer to stay in Sportsman because they just want to roll around the track and have fun, win -or- lose. No harm intended at all with you just trying to make some points and learn some at the same time.
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