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Originally posted by bubbles
Asphalt. High traction too. It's something like, non sealed? Breaks apart kind of easy, but soaks up WD-40 and Paragon...
It's indoor too.

Fredda, when you get to Bag H, there is a suplement sheet. This sheet, if I remember correctly, instructs you to install two shims under the ballstuds. Along with changing the position of the link from the #1 hole, to the #2 hole. I can't seem to find the suplement sheet. Therefore, I am not 100% about my information...
have to ask clod, cuz i kno hes got his sheet, but i think it was one shim under each ball stud origionally, but they give not exactly sure either....have to get clod on here with his sheet to find out for sure, or someone who still has theirs.
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