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Originally Posted by CraigM View Post
Your camber links are very wrong. Assuming you have the 0.5mm spacer on the c-hub and 3mm on the rear upright, then you should run 3.5-4mm front and 3-3.5mm rear - the lower the link the more grip that end of the car will have, so yes your car will be loose with a low front camber link and a high rear one.

Run 2mm ackerman and try a stiffer spring like ride red front/rear.
Yes i have 0.5mm on the c-hub and 3mm on my rear upright. I did tried to run 4mm spacer on the front and 3mm on the rear upper inner link. the car is very loose once i off throttle and turn, the car will be loose.

So which means if i need to tackle this problem, firstly, i will change my front upper inner link back to 4mm, then lower my rear inner liner spacer to 2.5mm instead? if car still loose, then try to down ackerman to 2mm and try again

noted on the spring and will try out siffer springs.

Will report back.. Thank you CraigM!!!!
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