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Originally posted by nnick
Champ store although has many things and it is very big, is located far away from akihabara!

I walked more than 30 hour from the center of akihabara to get there!

30 hour!? That was a long walk....
My favorite one was closed down some years ago when the noodle shop next door burn down.
I know a new one now and they just got everything. Donīt see it on the map either, and I have no clue abot the adress. But I know how to get there.
Anyway, I have been there like 20 times and they are hard to find, so thanks JDM_DOHC_SiR for the map!!
Will check it out the day after the Japaneese Championship. Perhaps see you there?

Another great shop is Rainbow Ten in Shizuoka, right to the Tamiya track.
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