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Default Re: Shopping in tokyo ?

Originally posted by Patriiick
Does ANYONE know where the good hobby shops are in Tokyo.. especially :

- I was told akihabara was the good area, can anyone confirm and maybe give me a couple tips ?
- here is the impossible question: Does ANYONE know if you can buy KAI FACTORY PARTS in a hobby shop in tokyo ???

If anyone knows, congrats, this is a tough one

PS: you guessed right, i m going there soon
Patrick: Nearly all rc hobby shops are at Akihabara, Tokyo! Most of them are like supermarkets and we can easily spend 2-3 hours at each of them! HaHa. Do notice the 'brand' discount of each shop: for example, one may have 85% discount for Yokomo, another may have 80%!

Here are their websites:

They've got map inside...

Wish you good journey!
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