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Originally Posted by misterbrister View Post
I may be getting back into the hobby after more than a decade away. I dug this chassis out of my garage, basically a roller that I put together in 2005 and never had money (was in college at the time) for electronics, motor, etc.

The only battery packs I have are NiCds that are probably long since toasted. I believe I'll go with the new LiPo technology, if for nothing else than the longer run times. I haven't made a decision on motor yet, but brushless seems to be the way to go. So I guess what I'm getting after...

Is it a pain to retrofit the TA03F chassis to use LiPo packs, and can I fit the larger gear combos needed for the faster brushless motor?
Is it a tub or plate chassis? The plate chassis is pretty easy, just space the top of the battery holder up with some washers and use strapping tape instead of the original end retainers to hold the battery in place. I am working on another solution to replace the end retainers with lipo friendly versions so tape isn't required, but I don't have the materials yet as the car is in pieces for a rebuild. Tub chassis is a different issue since they were designed for rounded edge packs. Not sure what the solution is for those.

I believe with the black gears you should be able to gear it low enough to use brushless, but I won't be able to verify that for a couple weeks.
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