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One of the local 1/8th scale dirt/onroad track owners recently asking me about setting up an on-road race using my track, but I didn't really want to do it and told him that I didn't think there would be that much local support. This particular track owner I spoke to also doesn't sell parts either so it is not like he is out to make money off of people wrecking their RCs and charging $5.00 to race--he just has his own RCs, is into racing, and purchased the track from a LHS.

And after reading some of the complaints on this thread, it seems like a loose-loose situation for the track owner even if the owner didn't charge people to race, provided transponders for the racers, and provided pit areas. In addition, after reading various posts on this forum as well as others, it seems tracks are either too large or too small, have too much grip or not enough grip, are too hard on the RCs or don't add enough protection, etc.

In addition to one's driving ability, I thought setting up an RC for a particular track was one important factor in racing--adapting the RC to the track whether it meant a suspension change, a tire change, gearing change, or whatever. After all, I've seen full-size racers change tires to adapt to a particular track condition. Heck, the 1/4 scale track I've ran on has concrete barriers and the cars use lexan bodies. Do they get beat up? Yes. I've also heard people complain about be hacked by someone slamming them into a barrier, yet I've replayed the video and they were never touched by anyone! I've also ran lexan bodies on my track and they slide off the rails easier than the hard autoscale bodies Kyosho produces for their smaller Kyosho Mini-Zs.

Perhaps, it's not about RC racing but rather something just to complain about until the track owners get tired of it and sell the tracks or close them down. Then those same "racers" can complain about how they have to drive hours to another track.
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