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Thumbs down It' not the track or the track systems fault

Originally posted by duneland
Road rails SUCK! The first job of a track barrier is to keep the car in the lane! They do not do this. They are nothing but ramps. Just what you need when you're barrelling down the straight, is to have another car appear out of nowhere right in front of you! Now you have 2 broken cars and one of them was an innocent.
The Road Rails do not suck. It is your job to keep your car in the lane because you should'nt be bouncing off the walls of the track. Don't blame track systems or pieces for your lack of keeping it between the wicketts. I try to build a track that is forgiving on cars because accidents happen, it's racing for crying out loud there is going to be wrecks. As far as head ons ar concerned, we began putting 2" PVC pipe with bell connectors on top of the Rails to keep head ons from happening in the critical spots on the track. It kept people from getting over and causing head ons. It is inevidible that people are going to crash, but don't blame the track for your misfortunes. What would you do if there was no track for you to race at?? You would be breaking parts on your cars either way. I used to break way more parts playing around before I started a race series and had organized racing for everyone.
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