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Originally Posted by PFKAOG View Post
Just pull the trigger and don't let off
Originally Posted by rcfiend View Post
Hey guys I'm trying o one tune my driving style in 4wd buggy. What driving style do you guys employ? Do you charge down the straights/turns and apply breaks or do you lift as you approach the turns.
Have you raced Nitro 1/8th? That's how I drive. I have my brakes set so there is control coming into the turn. As in not to much brake I can still jut steer under braking, the kit will just get upset or loose if I try to. I like to straight brake into the turn as best I can then roll into the apex then power out as soon as the kit just starts to square up. I don't run any drag brake either, gives more roll into and out of the turn. Soft brakes help if you have to thump them in the turn. Abrupt brakes are less controllable and will slow you down to much. Same as to much drag brake, save's a lot of manipulating the kit while its in the air to. But some times you just have to brake or throttle in the air no matter what.

Soooooo point and shoot coming out, slam on the brakes rollllll point and shoot, slam on the brakes, rolllllllll point and shoot.
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