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Originally Posted by shonufd1 View Post
what can i do to change my 710 serpent to 235
Impulse and Impact would been easy. Cuz the only diferrance was the out drives, or mounting the wider foams. May have to change a few thing like solid rear diff and frt one-way, and quick change of tires. Mounting 15 or 18 motor ok.

Rims or donut could be hard to find. If you have a Truer, you may find 235 pan car tires from Calandra racing.

The 235mm nitro been gone a while. maybe Europe you'd find some, In US its dead. If you have time and $$$ you can find out if Serpent Vector parts will fit. Sure they do. Got the Impulse, Impact and Vector in front of me. I'm sure not much will change with Serpent Parts between 700 series to the 900 series.
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