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Originally Posted by swimbikerun View Post
Given I lack all sorts of skills as a driver I really haven't experienced the consistency issues with the BD7 in 17.5. It seems the base carpet setup works well in low to med conditions but in high bite conditions it has too much traction. A couple of things seems to work when the traction has come up for me.

1. When the traction comes up I just swap to Jaco Blues from Sweep QTS32. This seems to work for the most part but only works if your rules allow for a few different spec tires.
2. I also found that running the wider 44.2 blocks up front, running the longer camber link positions up front, and using the inner hole on the steering blocks (reduce ackerman) works well if I had to stay in the same tire (Sweep QTS32).

On a different topic, how low of an FDR have most people been able to achieve with the BD7? With a 96t spur I can only fit up to a 50t (3.84FDR). Is anyone running a 84t or 88t spur?
I run a 92 in 17.5.
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