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Originally Posted by syndr0me View Post
For me it's day-to-day on a single track. There were a few runs the second time out where the car felt so good it was hard to believe it was a rubber sedan. The next time out, and granted the track changes a bit between days, it was pushy, loose, and wanted to traction roll.

Cars always need maintenance and some tweaking between days, but this car goes from zero to 100 to zero again. Other cars are more like bouncing aroun between 75 and 90, if you see what I'm saying. It's either all or none with the Yok, and that's hard to abide by.

Perhaps you could use

YOKMRTC-BD7-8675309 - Yokomo Mechanic, keeps car consistent from run to run. Requires food and lodging.

Have a great Holiday Adam, and say hi to Art.
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