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Originally Posted by er6f View Post
Hello Guys im a newbie to f1 racing my chassis is F104 pro Black Special, my previous run is, i used the stock sponge tires that come into the kit, and my batts. is 5000mah nimh, i had a very good handling, then the next race, my front tires broken, then i change it to both new front sponge tires tamiya brand and i replace the battery with the lighter lipo, my handling drastically change every time i go to hi-speed sweepers my rear end always sliding so i ended up spun around the track, what should i adjust to correct these problems? do i need to adjust my camber because i have istalled new tires in front and still old at the rear? my current camber is 0. hope someone could give me a tip! thanks

Hey man,

You can try a few things - generally, if your tyres are shot at both ends of the car then you should replace them all around, but I digress. Perhaps try any of the followign one at a time;

* Add more weight to the rear, as low down and close to the axle as possible.
* Adjust the T-bar.
* Stiffer spring in the rear shock - this should stop the weight transferring to the front on corner-in, and ensure that you have a bit more shock rebound and hence weight transfer over the rear on corner-out.
* Add a bit of toe-out on the front.
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