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Working at hobby shop/track, I see every brand servo fail.

But the Hitec's and JR's fail the most.

I personally recommend the Airtronics and KO Propo high end servo's.

I have not personally used any high end Futaba servo's, but i rarely see a failed unit.

Intresting thing is, mostly, the lesser skilled drivers drivers choose the lower budget servos (hitec, JR), they crash more. The faster more skilled drivers mainly use the more expensive brands, they crash less. So it would be hard for me to make a blanket statement saying they break more because of a quality issue. Word of mouth is a powerfull advertising method, and there must be a reason most of the pro's run Airtronics, KO Propo and Futaba. You just don't see to many novice drivers running a $120 servo
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