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Just to add to the top deck discussion...

I found that using the v1.5 motor mount and all screws, going from the standard LE top deck to the flex top deck made the car less predictable. I did not try to dial that out, and was using a front diff and some other settings less popular here as well. Just food for thought.

I also just converted my VTA to a TC over the weekend. I drilled some 6 hole pistons and went to 600wt oil with the same RSD 13.5/12.5 springs just to see what happens. I also built a little arm sweep into the front 2.5 FF, 1.5 FR blocks (instead of 2.0/2.0). Feeling the shocks, I can definitely see running even thicker oil, but wanted a reference point. I picked up some extra parts and have my old shocks with the same springs and 35wt associated oil that I can run back to back and compare the feeling.

I also changed the other TC to a front spool last time out and spent a day tuning with it. While it had much more giddy up out of the corners, my consistency went into the toilet and the car was much more difficult for me to drive, without really producing any faster results. I put a 300k diff into this new car and will see how it works, but with so many other changes, will see. While we run 17.5 Blinky as our only TC class (besides VTA), I am thinking about making the second car a mod car, just to start learning brake control. VTA has always needed little to no brakes, and I find I am very inconsistent in my braking (amount and timing) in the TC and mod is supposed to be very good for teaching brakes.
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