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Originally Posted by JayL View Post
Any chance we could add a 'Only charge to 8.4V' rule, like ROAR?

I have recently seen guys going up to 8.5 and that adds to the lipo danger
So all the other classes at the track charge to 8.5v as well? Sigh.....

As it has been pointed out, #1 the track owner's decision is final, so if it's 8.4v, 8.44v, 8.2v, whatever the rule is that should be followed for safety's sake. Also, if you're overcharging, you ARE an idiot.

I suppose that the rule was never added since pretty much anywhere you go or any class you race, it's 4.2v per cell or 8.4v for a 2 cell lipo.

So until i get a chance to change the rules, don't go past 8.4v. Also, no model rocket engines strapped to the body for "holeshots" at the beginning of a race, and I am also outlawing the Ben Hur chariot wheel blades as well.
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