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Originally Posted by KC10Chief View Post
Thanks for the quick reply! It looks like the new kit has a 2.25mm chassis. What do you mean by no center holes and what would the advantage be?
You can still use your battery hold down system, however you must purchase part no RSD030-2 separately. These are the carbon fiber battery braces for the chassis. Without them, you must use tape to keep your battery in place.

The new chassis is more than just a different thickness. It has much different flex characteristics and there are slight changes to geometry.

For one, the steering system was moved back 1mm. This allows to run a shorter front wheelbase to gain steering on the car and use more ackerman (less shims) to gain corner speed. The battery is also able to move furter back and further forward to further improve chassis balance adjustment.

There are balance holes on the chassis and less cutouts at the bottom for better high speed stability. The bulkhead openings are also smaller and the standard TC6 steering system is also usable now.

All of the items are further refinements of the first generation chassis. Personally I feel like the car is more versatile. It can be tuned for more flex or less flex. I also think it has more steering. The flex was tuned to provide this.

Last night when we ran at our local track I got to run a production sample and my car was far superior to everyone elses. I usually am about 1-2 tenths quicker than the second fastest guy (many times the same fast lap) at our local track. Last night, I was about 4-5 tenths quicker. The grip was medium. Everyone was sliding. Except for me :P
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