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Yes be aware that not all things are equal when comparing numbers...

Different matchers use different machines and different paramaters. For the most part CE and LAVECO

Unfortunatly REEDY and NOVAK have desided to invent a new way of displaying there info. And there is nothign wrong with a AVERAGE VOLTAGE OVER 5MINUTE DISCHARGE TIME, just dont get sucked into thinking the cells are killer because there getting 1.197+ because u can now only compare REEDY packs to other REEDY packs . There is no way to compare them to other matchers. When infact a 1.170 brand X pack could very well be a 1.199 using REEDY 5minute discharge.

ITs a smart move to avoid being compared to other matchers but at the same time its gonna suck in guys thinking that 1.197v cell is gonna run with your current 1.185v cells done the old way 30amps till they hit .9volts.

The real test will be on the track
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