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Originally Posted by ByteStream View Post
That post you quoted is almost 4 years old .. lol.
True, but you would think logically that functionality as far as useablity with 1S lipo, no booster or receiver pack, would at least be still present in later versions.

That is what i am wondering. Or if its not part of the blinky software, whatever version that they did say worked he could use for now to just get some track time.

Originally Posted by ByteStream View Post
For some perspective, you forgot the other part of the quote regarding 1S packs:

Originally Posted by Tekin Prez
In general we are not in favor of lower voltage. However it is not really up to us and we cannot deny that it works and has advantages for ease, no balancing and cost. If it increases fun and participation we are all for it.
No, I didn't forget it. Reason being, its not relevant as to whether it works or not. It would be the same way you can view 4x4 SCTs using 2S lipos with extremely high Kv motors, especially with the weight of these things approaching 1/8 buggys.

Is it ideal?, No. But, does it work? Yes.

Not trying to be argumentative, so please don't take it that way as there is no context to how things are interpreted online.

Ultimately I just want to help a buddy out so he can at least run his vehicle even if he has to use say an older software version just to get some track time.
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