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Default Re: Roll bars make independent suspensions less independent.

Originally posted by Disaster
Roll (aka sway or anti-roll) bars make independent suspensions less independent. It ties the left and right independent suspensions together. This reduces the roll of the body....transfers some of the suspension load/travel to the other side. It will help keep the Cg lower in turns and reduce the left/right weight transfer when cornering.
Well spoken.

From my experience with rubber tires on carpet, a anti roll bar makes the car more consistent. Or more predictable. (This is assuming, you use a sligthly softer spring, when adding the bars).

As somebody else says, the bars harden the suspension, bu it feels differnt than using harder springs. One reason, is that bars ONLY affect side to side weight transfer, while springs affect BOTH side-to-side AND front/rear transfer.

Also, only use bars on smooth surfaces. On bumpy tracks, they can really mess things up.
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