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Originally Posted by Maxxingout View Post
After almost 2 weeks I finally started my build, lol. I've also noticed that sanding the rings is a MUST! Wow I can't believe how out of flat they actually are. Another thing I found, and this could me my ocd side, that the diff cases do not sit flat once put together. If you hold them up to a light you'll see some nice gaps between the 2 cases. I ended up sanding both sides of the cases to flatten them out and now I see almost no light through them. The nub side I used a small flat file with sand paper over top to clean it up. Now on to the next parts.

If anyone is interested I ended up putting some TD310023 axle boots on the front and rear outdrives to keep them clean. I had some lying around so figured I'd give them a try, fits like a glove. If you do get them, put some diff or shock oil inside the boot 1st, they'll slide on real easy then.
Thanks for that Max. I went ahead and ordered those boots lickity split! Put a rush on them since I'm racing Sunday this week with mine.. (cheap shipping on a item so small).

I also ordered the weight for the rear. Why? The more conversation I see the more I see people claim the car is "more planted" with it. I don't understand something...... why wouldn't the car already feel planted with the saddles in the rear, and why wouldn't the front end be more of the problem on weight being light than the rear due to the saddles being in the rear?

Is a bit confusing to me.
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