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Originally Posted by travymoto11 View Post
Hope this helps a little.

The main point is that the slipper clutch needs to slip before the diff does.

If you have the diffs out of the car and on the bench......take two allen drivers and insert them into the outdrives(to hold the outdrives still). Try to turn the diff should be very difficult to turn. If it's not...then diff is deffenately too loose....tighten 1/8th - 1/4qtr and re-check.

Does that make any sense?
Yeah... That makes perfect sense. I did exact that. I stuck an Allen on each side of the diff and attempted to turn the gear. I went 1/4 turn beyond the point I could no longer turn the gear because I've read and seen AE diffs typically need that little extra.

What confused me mainly was the comment about slipping during break in. I couldn't see how that could happen if I took care of the diffs as such during the build. The only thing I'm expecting to adjust is the slipper if needed.... However I expect AE specifically knew where that should be set (2mm) as a result of testing.
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