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Has anyone noticed that the kit servo saver isn't very 'stiff'.

Our top racer at our track test drove my car, and commented that it's wandering down the straight, and is somewhat sluggish when entering a corner, then all of a sudden it has a lot of steering.

We looked at the car, and determined that the servo-saver has quite a bit of give. With the car and radio turned on, you can quite easily move the steering rack - my guess is that when entering a corner, the SS is initially 'saving' rather than letting the wheels turn, but when it reaches it's maximum 'give', the wheels bite, and all of sudden you get a ton of steering...

I've put in an aluminum servo horn to see if this resolves the problem, but I would not, for obvious reasons, run this regularly.

Has anyone replaced the kit servo-saver with anything else? I see that there's an X-ray servo saver that's classed as 'stiff', and has four inner springs rather than three. The length of the arm seems to be shorter than the kit servo saver; it looks like the SS that came with the TCX...I do have two of those, and I may try those as a replacement as well..
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