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Default Re: Why spend $350 on...

Originally posted by Nightbreed
a TC? That's just crazy for an old (updated) two belted design. To me, it's just a glamore machine seeking eye candy orientated consumer base. That's it. A redesigned Pro 2 with updated suspension geometry would impress me more. One with a lower layshaft for lower CG like the Schumacher. An optional adjustable oneway like the HPI one. Oh yes....I guess Yokomo did that in a molded chassis. It was nice.
Updated????So what do you consider the TC4? How many peeps are gonna $pend dough on this "new" car only all the graphite/titamium parts..ceramic bearings, etc...easily way over $350.
The X-Ray is proven and would cost less...they're all good....leave it at that.
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