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It was a good race weekend at the 2012 Gulf Coast Grand Prix!
It rained overnight Sat so the mains got started later due to that, but we got it in!

Gt Results:

Paul Coleman (TQ) 89 30:10.205
Bill Sydor. 86 30:14.034
Chad kiffe. 85 30:03.857

It was great meeting new GT8 drivers! Andy Liu was awesome and Bill Sydor was such a funny dude, and great driver! Bill and me where about 15 sec apart for most of the race until he had a tire wear out towards the end! Andy was running 3rd I think until he had motor issues I believe. It was great being back racing again! My Serpent was Freaking great!
Thanks to Mikes hobby shop for putting on a great race.

Special Thanks to Serpent and Desoto Racing!
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