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Originally Posted by EbbTide View Post
lol yeah that was my argument as a positive for RC racing, no PAIN!

Question about the radio equipment. Why so expensive? I understand the servos need to be quick and strong but what positives does the advanced radio have?
I used to use a cheaper radio that came with a Kyosho rtr I had (before I started racing, when I was just running around the track). The problem with it, I did not have a feel for the car, probably because of the slower response time of the rx and tx. Then I switched to an Airtronics M11 with a 2.4ghz module and what a difference! Much better! I can actually have a feel for the car, rather with the cheap one, I input controls based on what I see without a feel for the car, with the M11, its so fast, I feel connected to the buggy/truggy. Airtronics, KO Propo, Radiopost, and Futaba are top of the line, You can find an Airtronics M11 with a 2.4ghz module installed in it for less than $180 with the receiver.

The servos are very important to invest in. Good servos will last, cheaper ones will fail on race day, when you need them most! I've heard great things about Radiopost servos and have had a good experience with Hitec and Savox servos. (higher end Savox and Hitec).
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