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Originally Posted by EbbTide View Post
He just wants a good foundation to build on to see if he can get the hang of RC driving. He intends to upgrade the engine, exhaust, suspension etc. if he feels confident enough in how he does during practice sessions.
...if he feels confident? You ain't going to get confidence from a RTR. RTR's are for cheapo bashers that don't care that thier car stinks.

He'll need to upgrade The engine and radio gear right away, RTR parts stink. Servos are pur rubbish. Engines are thirsty and a pain to tune. Just pure frustration. I can tune my car to perfection. But I can't tune RTR's to run at all.

Build a kit from scratch. Avoid RTR's like the plauge. If he is unsure, then don't bother. Generally RC racing is an addiction once you see it. If he's not sure he wants to jump in hardcore, then he needs to be in a simpler/cheaper class like Slash, 2wd SCT, or 4x4 SCT.

I'd suggest:
-Mugen Truggy (while the buggies are close to each other, in the truggy world the Mugen really stands out above the others, but the Serpent looks sharp as well)
-Airtronics M11x
-Hitec 7955 servos
-OS 28XZ , Mugen 21 BO2, or OS 21XZB (all are an absolute breeze to tune and breakin)
-AKA SS Impacts and S Grid Irons or HB Pink Megabites
-TAG body spray and Simple Green for the tires.
-Byrons 30% fuel.
-Ofna truggy box on 4s lipo
-Protek 1000mah 2s Rx lipo
-Turnigy charger

Get the good stuff right from the start. Don't waste money on cheapo gear. It'll just be twice as expensive in the long run.
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