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My experiences with nitro have been good and very frustrating. First and foremost get a decent engine that isn't worn out! Follow reccomendations by people on here Werks b5, b6, novarossi p5 are all great engines that won't break the bank and tune great. A worn out engine will cause you to pull your hair out! The second thing I have learned is set the idle gap around .5-.7mm (after breakin of course) and do not touch the idle speed screw again. Adjust your idle with the low speed needle. The way I have learned is kind of harsh but seems to work, after the engine is at running temps and the high speed needle is close set the car on the starter and start leaning the low needle until you notice the engine bogging when you hit the throttle, then richen the low speed needle until your idle is where you want and the idle stays steady. This lets the engine tell you it's not lean because it isn't bogging and it isn't rich because the idle is steady. Some will say this is a crude way but it lets the engine tell you what it needs. This has to be done though with the engine at running temps and the high speed needle close to where it needs to be because it affects fuel flow all throught out the range. Once the low speed is set I rarely have to touch it again. This is by no means a guide just from past experiences.
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