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Originally Posted by Austin214 View Post
I like nitro better but everyone says that they are really hard to work on and that u have to work on them all the time. And everyone says that they are hard to tune right. If I were to get a nitro I would get either the Losi or associated rtr 1/8 buggy. This would be my first nitro car to. But if you do have to work on them all the time then I will get and electric 1/8 buggy. So is all that stuff true about nitros?
No, "all that stuff" is not true about nitros. You have some ADD teenager types that got defeated by a Traxxas RTR engine and gave up, taking the easy way out with electric(then blabbering all over the internet about how "hard" nitro is..) But even if electric is "easier", it's still like watching an action movie or NFL game on mute. Plow your grand into an electric 1/8 and watch it go woosh-woosh back and forth. Yawn.. For me it's mind-numbingly dull. But accept a bit of a learning curve - yes, actually investing some effort and acquiring some insight into something, and nitro will be far more rewarding. You will have mastered something, and will be rewarded with a little machine working away making killer power and blasting out the exhilerating music of 30,000 screaming RPM's...
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