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Originally Posted by 2canSAM View Post
That sounds completely stupid to be honest. It seems to me you just want somebody to tell you it is OK that you have the car back and are keeping the money too. Well it is not. You are both wrong in this situation and 2 wrongs do not make a right. You sold the car as new, knowing it had damage as reflected in the pictures before the buyer got it. In my opinion the buyer should have returned the car right then and there and gotten a full refund plus return shipping. Now if the deal was struck that 40.00 dollars would be good for both parties and the buyer then came back wanting more, he was wrong. The car also should have been returned to you in the condition stated, but the fact that it was not does not justify you keeping the car and the money. If the buyer stole parts then that sucks and is wrong as well. Simple fact here is who is more convincing as the honest party. So far there are 2 strikes against you that can be proven, the undisclosed damage and you having both the car and the money. So again it comes to a case of he said/he said and I am pretty I know who my vote goes to on that. Leave feedback that is appropriate. If the buyer stole parts state that in the feedback. Otherwise let it go. I am not a moderator, and yes I tend to nose into things, but I see no further benefit, including a lame poll.

I never did anything wrong here. If there was any damage to the car i was not aware. i tried to make it right and then the guy backs out on our agreement. i am the victim and if there was something wrong i tried to make it right. What is not right is to let this guy get away with what he did. I tell you what you send me one of your cars and i will rob the parts from it and make sure its in a thousand pieces and send it right back to you.
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