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Originally Posted by 30Tooth View Post
I always liked 2wd nitro ST racing,never had one because no one wants one and 2 more reasons:tires cost the same as 1/8th and there's no .12 engines bellow 200$ available here.Yesterday did some tuning to prep my .21 engine to winter racing and guess what,1/4 turn at the low-speed and 1/4 at the idle and there it is,done.
Ya nitro ST racing is a blast!!! But where are you getting your prices? $100 will get you a .12 plenty fast enough to race with....and as far as wheels/tires go, your only buying pairs, not sets at a time, so it's still cheaper than 1/8 scale...the issue is, atleast here in the states, is that 1/10 offroad nitro pretty much has been forgotten about ever since ROAR dropped it from their sanctioned classes...I'd love to see it back just as strong as 1/8 again....
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