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Originally posted by robk
"the shorter arms by themselves has no practical bearing on camber rise/gain other than to make changes more sensitive, and very little impact on how stiff/soft the suspension can be. the only 'stiffness' would be the mechanical friction caused by the tire scrub (track width change during suspenion movement) vs. less scrub/long arm, which is mostly negated by the fact the car is in motion with toe typically being ran in the rear anyway."

Roll center. That's the only explaination for the short arms. As my friend Seaball said " the short arms are necessary to get the rc to sink, and the camberlinks obviously need to be even shorter for any type of gain when in bump movement.

if you remember our short arms/long arms thread, something i brought up was that there seemed to be a desirable amount of roll center drop/change regardless of chassis roll. and that cars that don't roll much, still need to produce a dropping roll center durring the movement. huh? was i on to something..."

Heyeva, I tend to think the car will run a softer spring. I really don't know though, since that would be based on the roll centers, the arm lengths, shock mounting, etc.
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