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Originally Posted by Mb3195 View Post
exactly how I would have described it.

I found on the t3 that the shorter links would make the car roll just a little bit too much making it "wallowy" especially in high traction, almost like driving a boat.

With the t4 I think as the COG is so much lower, the shorter links now feel a like a cross between the short and medium links on the t3.

short links will give much more traction in low grip conditions - funny enough I was at a meeting a couple of weeks ago where the grip was terrible, yet I saw loads of people switching to the longest links in order to gain traction

I did tell a few of them that they would achieve the opposite, they didnt believe me until they tried it!
The short link on the T4 is .5mm longer than short link on the T3. The rear is .75mm shorter due to the rear being more narrow. This is if my memory serves me correctly when measuring them at IIC.

Originally Posted by Mb3195 View Post
I'm amazed at some of the things I hear broken on this forum:-
spool cups
suspension blocks
rear belts

the list goes on.

Yet in 18 months that I have had an xray, I have broken one single hub carrier and nothing else.

I cannot understand how people are breaking some of the things that are mentioned.
A few years ago Ralph Burch, Paul L, Drew Ellis and myself went to an asphalt race called Beat the Heat that uses PVC pipe as walls. It was HOT outside (hence the name) and traction is really high there. We were all running the fastest spec class they had...either 13.5 or 10.5. No kidding we went through every set of steering knuckles and plastic out drives we had between the 4 of us. We ended up putting alumn steering blocks on our cars because we all ran out of plastic ones. So on a track that has large pipes or super hard walls anything will break if you hit it hard enough. Even a current WC and WC A main finalist. Just because YOU dont break anything on your track doesnt mean others dont on THEIR track. No two tracks are the same and neither are the walls. Click track is great if its velcroed down. But if its screwed down it dont move much either!

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