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I had been going there for a while and really liked it but after a while I got frustrated for a few reasons:

-I like to drive/race at least every week (or else I get withdrawals) If you take this month for example, the track will be open a total of 2 whole days. On a normal month, they are open a whopping 4 days and this is only on Sundays so if you can't go on a Sunday you're out of luck.

-I would say 7 out of the last 10 times I've been there they have no electricity. They are out in the boonies so I know this is hard but they refuse to turn on the generator unless there's a bunch of people there. I understand this track is primarily nitro (and I usually bring my packs charged anyways) but no electricity also means no lap timing and to me not being able to know if you're improving sucks.
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