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the 35A esc may not be powerful enough but try it out and then decide. the solid is fine for drifting. you can upgrade it later to a oneway(can't get them atm anyway) and see the difference between the two.the solid front understeers a bit, the oneway helps with tighter corners. concrete won't be a problem that's what I practice on most days. I'm not the most experienced either but I have had my share of experience with dramas lol. this chassis slides real well maybe too well you'll spin out many many times before you get the hang of keeping it drifting round a track. I am still learning how this chassis works and as the tyres degrade it changes the handling sometimes for the better depending on the tyres you run.

Well I'm off to my LHS for some practice on tarmac, looking forward to it. Last time my radio shat itself, fixed it so can't happen again! Hoping the only reason I have to stop will be flat batteries.
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