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Originally Posted by eunique View Post
that's why I like having that rear diffuser (acts like a bumper somewhat) and having a body on when practicing...helps as buffer...I suffered a worse fate before on my Zero S and broke the mount and lower A I feel you.
lol I had the body on but the plate was the right size for it to fit under the rear of the shell at mount height. It's alright I put my real car in the way now so I avoid it all together. The diffuser sticks out to far and doesn't suit my shell So will continue to leave it off. I can still use the car it hasn't had an effect on the suspension so far the arms are pretty tough I've hit walls and door frames with the wheels and they haven't parted with the chassis yet lol. I got the alloy mounts comin any way!

Got drift practice night at my LHS so I'm lookin forward to getting it around the track and show off how much better I can handle it now lol?
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