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Originally Posted by eper View Post
I think modeling clay or anything that doesnt become solid would end up pushing out around the chassis on impact and the chassis would do the same thing. My chassis hasnt done this and ive had lots of hard hits. The plastic insert seems like the best fix. Other then that im thinking of putting a small amout of JB weld in there then mounting just the transmission to the chassis, cleaning up what ever excess weeps out around the tranny and letting the JB weld set up for about 30 minutes then i'll remove the chassis and let the JB weld cure the rest of the way which will make it so the tranny doesnt become welded to the chassis. If i do this i will let everyone know how it goes. If any of you have opinions or ideas on this method please post them.
Can you measure the thickness of the chassis under the trans? just interested if yours is thicker than my caved in piece. Which measured 0.4mm.

Depending on what Kyosho do with my chassis I sent,I will most likely make a piece of plastic to take up the void.
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