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Hi guys,

I'm new to drifting, but I think it could be a fun thing for me to do this winter. I normally run 1/8 nitro buggies, but my local track has closed for the season duo to the wet whether.

I like drifting, so why not try it, right

I really like the D3 chassis, and im planning on buying one from RCMART.

But before i do that, i have read trough this entire thread, and it's a little confusing to me with all the CS Ratio's and shock setups.

Is there a kind soul, who could make me a list of parts to get right away?

The car will be run on concrete, so I need a setup that will work on that

I can't find that bloody oneway anywhere, where are you guys getting it from? It's out of stock averywhere i look

I have already bought a Hobbywing EZRUN B2 combo set for this car, I hope it will be powerfull enough. I saw some guy on youtube building a TEH-R31 on a budget, and he used that combo. It's a 9T motor, with a 35A ESC. Fingers crossed you guys approve

I hope you will help me set up my D3, and make my adventure into the world of rc drifting a bit smoother


PS: Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I try my best
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