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Originally Posted by RC-Jay View Post
Thanks for the Info! I got my D3 kit yesterday along with all my orange aluminum parts for my Sprint 2, so I will finish my sprint2 since it now has almost every hopup then start my D3 build. Excited for CS! -

Any specific electronics I should be looking for when moving to CS? or would my Savox servo & Castle 5700kv brushless 4pole w/ esc work fine for control?

I have the castle link and could always tune down the power. for 50/50 im using 100% power and 50% brake.
that will work! lolz. I run a 5.5T 6000Kv brushless non-sensored yeah racing motor and 60A esc at 100% and 50% brake It's a bit overpowered but great for really long drifts. Savox are a good brand. I only have a cheap $30 dollar hi-speed servo. I just turn the power down via my radio even tho I have the program card I set it up for soft punch throttle so I don't strip belts. brakes won't do much good after you install a oneway the front just coasts. It stops better if you let go of the throttle and steer left or right the rear locks up like an e-brake and slides to a stop if your not going to quick or it might do a 360. You will probably end up getting high angle CVD's for it too the stock ones cause chatter at full lock but the oneway does reduce it. I'm using Tamiya TRF Double Cardins but Sakura XI SSK's (SAK-X27) work just the same and reduce the chatter to zero as well as having a higher turning angle than the stock CVD's.

After you build your D3 your probably going to want to CS your sprint too. CS is harder to drive if your used to drifting 50/50 so be prepared to spin out lots I've had mine running for about 4 weeks and taking out to my local carpark/Drifting space for about a week every day sometimes twice a day and I'm only starting to come to grips with it and line up for drifts around obstacles etc.

I'm glad I ordered the alloy suspension mounts the other day. I hit a metal speed bump plate in the carpark today and chipped the rear right mount almost all the way down to the pin, It happened when it spun out and rolled backwards at speed into the plate. But it's ok still works can't see the pin

left side

right side

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