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Originally Posted by pickled View Post
they slide pretty good! A front oneway will probably be your first mod. The Sakura Zero oneway fits (SAK-59/V2). Once you work out how to drift it you'll love it. The hop ups will be out November/December so you'll probably end up completely rebuilding it in carbon and alloy like the most of us here hanging for the release of the parts. Alloy pulleys will be good investment and the diff pulleys will be available soon. When you get the kit rebuild the axles straight away and grind the pins flat for the grub screw to lock onto. They aren't assembled properly from the factory! But even without any hop ups this chassis is great fun! Check out rcMart they have hop ups grouped by chassis brand and model so the stuff under D3 should fit without any problems, I bought heaps from there and it all fitted fine
Thanks for the Info! I got my D3 kit yesterday along with all my orange aluminum parts for my Sprint 2, so I will finish my sprint2 since it now has almost every hopup then start my D3 build. Excited for CS! -

Any specific electronics I should be looking for when moving to CS? or would my Savox servo & Castle 5700kv brushless 4pole w/ esc work fine for control?

I have the castle link and could always tune down the power. for 50/50 im using 100% power and 50% brake.
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