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Originally Posted by MarkA View Post
The AE plastic is kinda soft and the car has a lot of play in it to start with so it does kinda allow the B4.1 to inherently absorb hits because of that fairly well. Kyosho's plastic is stiffer and the car is "tight" - I broke my RB5 more than any other car I've owned, sometime just on regular jump landings. My current buggy, a Tamiya TRF201 has proven a pretty good compromise of weight, quality and durability. However, if you want what based on my observations would be the king of buggy crashing and driving away, you want the Losi 22. I can't remember seeing one of those thing leave the track with a suspension part hanging off or whatnot.

However, the bottom line is that buggys can and will break more often than a SC or stadium truck. With the arms hanging way out there and no body or big soft tires offering protection, it's just going to happen.

Yes I understand....I have seen alot of does your Tamiya fair..?
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