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Originally Posted by Matt Trimmings View Post
Hey guys, had a quick question for you, i was looking through some of the rb6 stuff and it looks like the step 2.0 rear wing is really popular. Then i check the price out and its about $14 for one a AE guy and usually use the JC wings and get 2 for about $8-10. Are the kyosho wings molded out of a thicker lexan, like the LMR wings? Also, just curious, did any of you used to have a B4.1 that could compare the rb6 to? I just saw my first one run this past weekend and it looked awesome. Thanks!
Hey Matt, I just switched from a B4.1 with BB spring mod to RB6 over the lasdt week so I can give you my first impressions. Out of the box the car has as much if not more on-power and off-power steering as a B4.1, It's still alot more forgiving if you make a mistake then the B4.1 with BB soring mod, parts are readily available except rear arms which I cant find but have been told will be arriving any day now, and the shocks...... I built my brothers AE Big Bores and they are nothing compaired to the Kyosho BB's. As far as wings go, everyone I know who intitially used the Step 2.0 wing moved back to the B44 wing when the Kyosho wing went. They are really not all that durable. The other benefit of the RB6 is that in the long run rebuild of the car minus breakage will be cheaper due to the fact that Kyosho parts last nearly twice as long if not longer as AE parts before a rebuild is needed. I had my B4.1 and 1 1/2 months and had to rebuild the front end twice due to excessive slop. That is where the beauty of this car is, a friend of mine has an SC-R SP who just now rebuilt the diff after running it a hard solid 2 months, and on top of that it really didnt need it all that bad, rings, balls, thrust were all fine as well. Cant get that out of a B4 without needing a B-Fast diff kit.
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