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Originally Posted by RedBullFiXX View Post
Cost is a factor, and I'm fairly certain it is the reason entries do not exceed 400+ every year
True...I believe last year it went over 400 and racing went to very late hours every day. Cost can help control the number of entries to a more manageable amount. Scotty said he felt that 350 entries is pretty much optimum. I wouldn't mind the prices be lower But I still plan to go.

Originally Posted by RedBullFiXX View Post
Scotty runs the best program
IIC is a premium On Road event
This is a unique race with the Worlds best racing along with locals from every region in the world of RC

If you are up for the challenge, it is truly something to experience at least once in a lifetime

Originally Posted by RedBullFiXX View Post
IIC F1 was not an option I had even considered for 2012
After competing at the inaugural F1 race in 2011 I realized F1 on rubber is not all that different at our club track, so the extra expense of running F1 rubber at IIC isn't enticing enough for me, I prefer to run foam tires on the perfect new carpet provided at IIC
I like the realistic appearance of the rubber tires and the fact that they stay that way even when they wear. But after running rubber tire F1 at our home track for a couple seasons now...I'm really not liking the performance and am very tempted to change the class to a foam tire class. The best racing I remember in all my years in F1 was on foam tires. Given how well the lilac compound seems to work for WGT...I wonder if a tire like that might work well for F1. Maybe on a taller rim with a sidewall sticker so the tire looks scale but is actually a smaller sidewall.
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