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Cost is a factor, and I'm fairly certain it is the reason entries do not exceed 400+ every year

Scotty runs the best program
IIC is a premium On Road event
This is a unique race with the Worlds best racing along with locals from every region in the world of RC

If you are up for the challenge, it is truly something to experience at least once in a lifetime

As far as F1 entries for 2012 ?
This is my opinion on the matter...

-The rules were late
-Too exclusive in chassis type allowed
-The spec tire selected was not necessary, competition in F1 on rubber has not shown a chassis/tire combination that is unobtainable
-F1 entry cost would be less without a spec tire
-More F1 racers would have been interested, if they could run what they have, and are used to racing
-Growth in the class will continue without too much restraint

IIC F1 was not an option I had even considered for 2012
After competing at the inaugural F1 race in 2011 I realized F1 on rubber is not all that different at our club track, so the extra expense of running F1 rubber at IIC isn't enticing enough for me, I prefer to run foam tires on the perfect new carpet provided at IIC

For those racers that do prefer rubber tire racing in F1 or Sedan, this race is very special indeed

Classes I entered this year at IIC
12th SS, 12th Mod, WGT
There is no tire rule for 12th scale
WGT has a spec tire that has more than enough grip, and has been the spec tire for years

Jaco Rubber tires for the Sedan class have also been a spec tire for some time, and works very well from Spec Sedan to Mod Sedan
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