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Originally posted by dizzy1
I just ran my pro4 for the first time last night, thing was so smooth it seemed slow, but turned the fastest laps of the night and was TQ.
Csilve- I have the same problem with my purple shock tops, a quick fix that I used was to use 2 of the small diff shims between the black eyelet and the purple cap. Mine were only threaded til the bottom of the small air hole and won't tighten all the way.
Anyone else had major tweak issues? I checked shock length, everything is free, droop is right. I haven't done the top deck mod, but probably should. Tweak was right out of the box worse then my TC3 on its worse day. Still, once everything is dialed in the Pro4 will be ballistic.
what's the upper deck mod?

did you put on the upperdeck stabalizer, the curved post that connects the upper deck to the lowerdeck?
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