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Default Australian National titles - 2012.

Originally Posted by 30Tooth View Post
That's good to hear Blis,you and your sons really deserve all the fun
Thanks 30Tooth

I was pitman for Ashley Seward in 1/8th A-main, and working with my son Luke who had a rough start but drove a very tight 2nd half of the semi and made 8th in the A-main. Overall, it was some of the best close racing I've seen for a long time. Awesome event, well run and all the drivers appreciated the great facility we have and had a great time.

Here's a little video of the limited footage I have for the Capricorn community... Sorry there's no serious footage of Peter Jovanovic, the race schedule didn't allow me to shoot it, he was outstanding as usual and I've promised to get on with our racing once the event begins. So I've filled the video with footage from free practice of Luke and Kyle Hazel.

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