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Default LAB - C02 - meglio del meglio!!

Originally Posted by Bundy_Bear View Post
Fair enough... will be heading out to Australian Nationals tomorrow to see how Capricorn RC Australia is going.

So much for the see how we go hey Bundy!!! If you go near the canteen today, I'll pour fuel all over your two speed the next time you race.

LAB - C02
As for us, it's been a step up in performance and while our sponsor Capricornrc Australia has been there to support us with parts and advice it's, 1 year old "out of the box" Capricorn LAB-C02 with red springs, Ti screws and a 1 year old loan engine that's off the shelf E01/WC that's lifted us into the top 10 in a large field of great drivers at the Australian Championship after qualifying.

There's nothing special about our car, no secrets, no dremel work, no modified motors, just local track knowledge and stress free knowledge that we have parts available. After 30 munutes of free pracitce sessions, 30 of rankings, 75 minutes of qualifications and some very smooth driving from my son, heads are turning in amongst the best drivers in Australia and wondering whether we've done anything special.

We changed the two speed shoe (just to be sure), we changed the clutch shoe (after 1 year) and we'll change belts and spurs, and add them to our collection of workable used spares.

Scrutiny has checked several times, CapricornRC tyres sniffed, our cars weighed and passed every time with flying colours. We're well under volume on the tank size and as I said, there's no secrets, if this car is in teh right hands, it's an "A CLASS" 1:10 model motorsport racing car, the proof is in the results.

It's a testament to the car, we're not over powered, the clutch shoe was worn and still pulled us to the finish, every time! The track is bumpy and while my son drives it smooth and clean, the overall performance and reliability of the car is outstanding, approaching unbelievable!

Again I'll say this... And many others drivers in the garages say this too... "THE CAPRICORN RC team provides the best support to their drivers world wide..." We feel like one big family spanning the globe.

So the next time you hear someone on RC-Tech complain about the price, the manual, or whether there's a missing grub screw. Take note, once built and raced, they don't complain anymore! It's all red, it's beautiful to work on, while it may have a goat for a logo, do not be mislead, it has everything a purpose built and designed WORLD CLASS MODEL RACING CAR needs and a world-wide support network that cares about us and our performance!

Special thanks to Capricorn RC and Peter at Capricorn RC Australia for an experience beyond expectation, if we crash and burn now, nothing can take the pleasure away... SPECTACULAR!


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